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Member Named Country MD of the Year

[MMA News Now, Dec. 5, 2013] Long-time MMA member Robert Bosl, M.D., has been named “2013 Country Doctor of the Year” by Staff Care. Bosl, the lone physician in Starbuck in western Minnesota, was cited for using his retirement savings to open a clinic after the town’s only hospital closed in 2005.

“My wife says you have to be a little bit crazy to practice in a small town,” Bosl told USA Today. “If being a little bit crazy is one of the criteria, then I'm probably overqualified.” Bosl has been a member of the MMA since 1976.

Since 1992, Staff Care, a physician staffing company, has given the national award to one physician in a community with 30,000 or fewer residents. As part of the award, the company will provide Starbuck with a temporary physician for two weeks so that Bosl can take a vacation.
Bosl was featured in the March 2012 issue of Minnesota Medicine.
Author: Dan Hauser

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Thomas A. Stolee, MD

12/5/2013 8:13 PM

As past President of the MMA and having spent part of my childhood in Starbuck on Lake Minnewaska (my mother having grown up near there), I am extremely gratified about Dr. Bosl receiving this honor. Starbuck is a wonderful community and, having spoken to many residents, Dr. Bosl is well respected.

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