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Minnesota Receives “A” for Physician Quality Transparency

[MMA News Now, Dec. 12, 2013] Minnesota and Washington are the only states in the nation to receive an “A” for  providing patients with reports on physician quality from a study conducted by Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute, a nonprofit group that designs programs aimed at boosting health care quality and affordability.

California received a “C” and Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin received “Ds.” The remaining states received “Fs.”

The report based its grades on: the percentage of doctors each state rated, whether those ratings included information about patient outcomes and consumer experiences, and how easy it was to find ratings through an online search.

“I was shocked because I honestly thought the availability of information on the quality of physicians was far more prevalent … It’s a very mixed bag,” Francois de Brantes, co-author of the report, told Kaiser Health News.

“It’s nice to see Minnesota score an A but it’s concerning to see so many states do so poorly in this study,” said Barbara Daiker, the MMA’s quality manager.

Go online for the entire report.
Author: Dan Hauser

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