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Save the Date: Medical Marijuana Forum Set for March 4

[MMA News Now, Jan. 23, 2014] With 21 states now allowing the use of medical marijuana and legislation pending in St. Paul, marijuana is a hot issue. The MMA will host a policy forum on the topic to gather input from members on March 4 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Eagan Community Center.

“Although we’ve discussed this in the past, we have not passed a policy that would guide us on legislative action,” said Robert Meiches, M.D., MMA CEO. “We decided that with the pending legislation at the Capitol that it’s time again to hear from members and discuss the pros and cons of taking a position.”

Bills were introduced in the House and the Senate during the 2013 session but didn’t go far. There is growing support to have the bills heard this session.

In 1999, the MMA adopted the following policy: “The MMA takes no position on a legislative proposal to exempt from criminal and civil penalties the use of marijuana for qualifying persons to mitigate symptoms or effects of a medical condition and to protect physicians providing documentation needed for such use from arrest, prosecution or disciplinary action.” The MMA House of Delegates retained the policy in 2009.

“We want to hear from our members again on this one,” Meiches said.

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5 comments on article "Save the Date: Medical Marijuana Forum Set for March 4"



1/23/2014 5:14 PM

The MMA must take a stand on MEDICAL marijuana. See my interview (to be recorded tomorrow for Lakeland Public TV). A clear dichotomy must be made for tablet form THC, or better, cannabidiol, and smokeable weed. The latter should not be part of the medical Rx process. It is a separate issue. Pt's are suffering for lack of action. Thanx! WGD



2/14/2014 9:57 AM

Can you be more specific as to which patients would benefit from cannabidiol and any comparison studies to conventional medications? Nabilone causes up to 60% somnolence and 40% euphoria per Micromedex.



2/14/2014 11:08 AM

I recommend this excellent recent review article about Medical Cannabis from the Dept. of Pharmacology-Univ. of Denver. After reading it, I am convinced that medical marijuana is not ready for use in Minnesota. "The Pharmacologic and Clinical Effects of Medical Cannabis"

Pharmacotherapy. 2013 Feb;33(2):195-209. doi: 10.1002/phar.1187.


Yuri Saito-Loftus

1/23/2014 5:20 PM

I have not heard what the upcoming legislation is about but if it is about legalizing recreational marijuana, I'm against it. As a gastroenterologist, I've seen a number of patients with marijuana-induced cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome who are incorrectly given a diagnosis of "cyclical vomiting syndrome". I think society and medicine need to have a better understanding of the medical as well as societal impact of a loosening restrictions on a substance that alters mental cognition.


Kathleen Crow

2/17/2014 2:28 PM

I am a 68 yo F, and am on a MN./WI. online Lyme board. i am just one of many men, women, teens and children struggling w/ the pains of lyme disease. Conventional and herbal meds and supplements do not touch begin to touch the pain for me. Spine pain began in teens. Had 3 lumbar surgeries over time. Scoliosis - C / T levels now degenerating / curving, push into R shoulder. In the e midst of spine tx., had arthroscopic surg. on R shoulder, then breast cancer surg. 4 mos later, same side - and radiation damage. Over time both areas' pain has increased, despite walking, warm pool, PT,needles, massage...the pain now never lets up. Can barely function.

Others report some relief from marijuana and I want to know if I could too. Why can't MN. join other states who are helping people in serious pain?

It's about time, don't you think!

Thank you.

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