MMA Staff

Rachael Bommarito, Ph.D. (612) 362-3744
Accreditation and Direct Education Manager
This position is responsible for managing the MMA continuing medical education (CME) accreditation and directly provided activity functions.
Bommarito-Photo.jpg Greg Breining
Editor, Minnesota Medicine
Oversees editorial content, planning and production of magazine.
 BricknerHaley-(1).jpg Haley Brickner (612) 362-3762
Health Equity Coordinator
Responsible for developing information and resources for physicians and other health professionals to improve health equity and embrace an anti-racist culture in Minnesota healthcare.
 Lori Brostrom Lori Brostrom (612) 380-8072
Executive Director for the Center for Advancing Serious Illness Communication
Responsible for providing leadership and ensuring implementation of strategies to accomplish the goals of The Center for Advancing Serious Illness Communication (CASIC), a collaborative project between the Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) and the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA).
Mary-Canada.jpg Mary Canada (612) 362-3728
Membership, IT and Web Associate
Provides support for the Membership, IT and Communications departments and website content.

Kathryn-Forss.jpg Chad Fahning (612) 362-3732
Manager of State Legislative Affairs
Responsible for promoting the MMA’s legislative agenda through direct lobbying with the Minnesota Legislature, the Executive branch, and with other stakeholder groups; provides  administrative help to the MMA's Political Action Committee (MEDPAC).
Kathryn-Forss.jpg Kathryn Forss (612) 362-3731
Creative Director
Designs and illustrates the MMA's printed and online materials.

GloegeKristin_WEB.jpg Kristen Gloege (612) 362-3742
MMA State Policy Analyst and MMA Foundation CEO
Responsible for leading, organizing, and coordinating the MMA Foundation’s programs and special initiatives, and responsible for providing project and analytical support for the MMA’s physician well-being, health equity and POLST work. 
Dan-Hauser.jpg Dan Hauser, APR (612) 362-3726
Director of Communications, Education and Events
Responsible for communications, education, events, media relations, social media and web.

Ka Bao Lee (612) 362-3701
Accounting Associate
Provides bookkeeping, accounting and administrative services for the MMA and related organizations.
 LindgrenStephanie_WEB.jpg Steph Lindgren, JD (612) 362-3738
Policy Counsel
Responsible for providing accurate legal research, analysis, and project support for the MMA's advocacy work, consistent with the organization's strategic direction, and providing periodic legal advice on matters that affect the organization.
Juliana-Milhofer.jpg Juliana Milhofer, JD (612) 362-3735
Public Health and Policy Engagement Manager
Provides project and analytical support for the MMA's health policy functions, consistent with strategic direction.
Shari-Nelson.jpg Shari Nelson (612) 362-3725
Executive Office Associate
Provides administrative support to executive staff and human resources services for the MMA and related organizations.


  CarolPatterson-(2).jpg Carol Patterson (612) 362-3748
Physician Outreach Manager 
This position is responsible for recruiting, retaining, and engaging members in the MMA.

Dave-Renner.jpg Dave Renner, CAE (612) 362-3750
Director of Advocacy
Directs the activities of the Advocacy Department. Participates in policy development and plans legislative strategy. Lobbies at the Minnesota Legislature and works with state policymakers to achieve MMA goals.
Mandy Rubenstein
Mandy Rubenstein (612) 362-3740
Membership Director
Responsible for leading MMA’s membership recruitment, retention, and engagement efforts.
Lindsey Schneider Lindsey Schneider (612) 362-3755
Events and Joint Providership Manager
Manages the MMA’s events and joint providership efforts. 

Janet-Silversmith.jpg Janet Silversmith (612) 362-3763
Chief Executive Officer
Directs the staff, and plans, organizes and coordinates the programs.

Jon-Stensland.jpg Jon Stensland (612) 362-3751
Director, Finance and IT, CFO
Responsible for directing financial and information technology activities.

uphoff.jpg Adrian Uphoff, MPH, MPP (612) 362-3745
Health Policy Analyst, Payment & Quality
Responsible for leading MMA policy analysis and development in the areas of payment policy, quality measurement, and health care financing consistent with MMA's strategic advocacy direction.
Traci-VanElsberg.jpg Traci VanElsberg (612) 623-2865
Manager of Accounting Services
Assists the CFO in administration and supervision of accounting and financial systems of the MMA, and related organizations.
May-Yang.jpg May Yang (612) 362-3743
IT Operations Analyst
Ensures the accuracy and integrity of the MMA database and works with staff to retrieve information from MMA information systems including mobile phone management and support.

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